ACEIL Values

Our Values

We believe in the right for every person across the globe to have equal opportunities in life. Refugees have not chosen to become refugees and have in reality had their homes, families, livelihoods, and hopes for the future stolen. ACEIL’s values reflect our vision to provide refugees with the essential opportunities and training they require in order to stabilise themselves and progress within society.

Refugees are normally supported by shelter, water and food, although these essentials are important without which life is not possible, at ACEIL we take this support to the next level. We support refugees and disadvantaged youth to have better lives by developing their skills, equipping them with tools, and enhancing their capabilities to become more independent. This will hopefully bring their strengths to light and develop their potentials to start their mini projects and become financially stable to face challenges imposed by their surroundings and environment.

Equal Opportunity

ACEIL supports the right for equal opportunity and learning for everyone. This is why we aim to provide our services to both professionals and refugees considering financial difficulties by offering scholarships and sponsorships called upon to professionals attending our courses. Each professional is offered the opportunity to sponsor a refugee for the same training with discounted prices.


We believe in integrity in all what we do, our systems, procedures and policies ensure transparency. All stem from our faith and professionalism to deliver what we promise.

Youth Empowerment

ACEIL offers scholarships for refugees and disadvantaged youth, and enables professionals to contribute by providing the platform to sponsor refugees and disadvantaged youth attend our programs.


ACEIL is an agile social enterprise and delivers using digital pedagogy an innovative training content built upon high quality research and skilled experts into creativity and innovation


ACEIL is committed to UN 17 Sustainable Development Gaols (SDGs) and empowers our entrepreneurs to develop business ideas that are sustainable. ACEIL plans and delivers programs that are environmental friendly and for the common good.


ACEIL builds strong relations with partners to integrate latest tools and techniques into ACEIL training programs and to connect with charities and refugee-support societies to alleviate pain and brighten their future.

Our Mission

What Do We Stand For?

ACEIL aims to inspire refugees and offer them support to step up to the next level in their professional and personal lives. We provide them with tools, techniques, and knowledge by delivering interactive trainings related to the fields of Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership.

Our Vision

What does the future hold?

ACEIL’s vision is to lead the way of bright future for refugees and disadvantaged youth by establishing collaborative networks of individuals and partners. We particularly work in the Arab region, however, following the UKRAINE Crisis, we aim to span to reach refugees around the world wherever they are.


We are making it easier for you to help!

You can give a chance for a refugee or disadvantaged youth to join ACEIL training by sponsoring them, and paying them the price of a training course.