Entrepreneurship Training


Entrepreneurship can be defined as the ability to identify and exploit new opportunities in an existing market. Ingrained within this is the need for individuals to utilise unique ways of thinking in order to break tradition and drive forward innovation.

At ACEIL, our Entrepreneurship Training aims to educate participants on the art, science, and mechanics behind entrepreneurship. ACEIL’s training course aims to provide both theoretical and practical examples via case-studies.

Some of the areas covered within our Entrepreneurship Training include:

  • Workshops in constructing business plans and models
  • Financials planning and funding awareness
  • Training on start-ups, lean start-ups, and social entrepreneurship
  • Value proposition
  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Market/Consumer- segmentation
  • Development of customers, products, and markets

Who Should Attend




Business Owners




Young People

Benefits of Attending

Business Knowledge

Develop a set of essential business knowledge geared towards social enterpreneurship

Entrepreneurial Skills

entrepreneurship programs that enhances skills to enable becoming an entrepreneur

Business Tools

Equip you with needed tools to start or develop your own business

  • I am an entrepreneur, running my own e-business for 2 years now. However, joining Entrepreneurship training broadened my horizons in different ways, using practical tools, and taught me the importance of having a competitive value proposition in my project. It also highlighted ways to hunt business opportunities in the least investing costs possible. Risk analysis and risk matrix also had an important impact on my business. The course was very practical. The training is highly recommended.

    Tasneem Naser

  • Entrepreneurship training added to me different distinctive tools to ensure success when starting my own business. These tools added to me and helped me studying the surrounding environment for my own project.

    Mohammad AlKharouf


We are making it easier for you to help!

You can give a chance for a refugee or disadvantaged youth to join ACEIL training by sponsoring them, and paying them the price of a training course.