Innovation Training & Design Thinking Methodology


The Innovative Training and Design Thinking Methodology will help you to understand what innovation is and its role in driving businesses forward. The tools provided in this course will help you to think differently by utilising different thinking processes in order to help you better implement and practice your organisational values. You will develop the necessary innovation skills to implement specific methods and techniques to ensure your projects progress well from concept to market.


By developing a deep understanding of Design Thinking Methodology and tools, you will expand your understanding and implementations of one of the world’s most powerful and impactful approaches to innovations.

This unique design thinking process will let you know how to reframe problems and how to best position new solutions and brand experiences.

The learning value has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality.

Who Should Attend




HR Directors


Project Managers




Public Sectors


Schools Teachers


Schools Counselors

Benefits of Attending


Support participants to brainstorm new ideas and find solutions to problems as valuable assets for any organization looking to grow.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Walk away with better collaboration and teamwork skills, and be more prepared to handle problem-solving and work in teams in the future


Develop real prototypes of your ideas and test your solution in action

  • I think the most important thing in “Design Thinking Methodology” is the attempts to understand the problem and the environment for the one we are trying to provide a solution for. Solutions can be found for a client, a student, or a family member by implementing the “empathy map” that showed clear steps to reach innovative solutions and prototypes using brainstorming and other strategies.

    After “Innovation and Design Thinking” training there was a noticeable development in my communication and problem solving skills both on the personal and professional levels, with my family members and my students. I become more open to accepting my students opinions and understanding their needs as the “Empathy map” we used in this training puts me in their shoes, so I can more easily define the problem; which is a very small problem most of the time, but i need to define it correctly to be able to solve it effectively.

    Also, after the accurate definition of the problem, we learned how to come up with innovative solutions through brainstorming. It was difficult at first to brainstorm but after practicing ideas started to flow out. This was nice and increased my self-confidence as it proves my ability to produce solutions and solve problems

    Hind Abu Rmealeh

  • This training was a turning point for me in the way of solving problems and applying thinking approaches using the innovative design thinking methodology. It was very unique and untraditional.

    Mohammad AlKharouf


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