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The term leadership is ubiquitous; virtually all definitions of leadership share the view that leadership involves the process of influencing, or the capacity to influence others.

ACEIL’s leadership course combines inherited heritage with modern thinking in order to empower future leaders to push for change and innovation. Our focus is on ethical leadership where we aim to integrate principles of integrity, preventing corruption, achieving social security, and looking at moral values in order to create a holistic leadership programme.

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HR Directors


Young People

Benefits of Attending

Self Development

Training in leadership focuses on development of ourselves, our families, our communities and all of humanity

  • I am an entrepreneur, running my own e-business for 2 years now. However, joining Entrepreneurship training broadened my horizons in different ways, using practical tools, and taught me the importance of having a competitive value proposition in my project. It also highlighted ways to hunt business opportunities in the least investing costs possible. Risk analysis and risk matrix also had an important impact on my business. The course was very practical. The training is highly recommended.

    Tasneem Naser

  • I think the most important thing in “Design Thinking Methodology” is the attempts to understand the problem and the environment for the one we are trying to provide a solution for. Solutions can be found for a client, a student, or a family member by implementing the “empathy map” that showed clear steps to reach innovative solutions and prototypes using brainstorming and other strategies.

    After “Innovation and Design Thinking” training there was a noticeable development in my communication and problem solving skills both on the personal and professional levels, with my family members and my students. I become more open to accepting my students opinions and understanding their needs as the “Empathy map” we used in this training puts me in their shoes, so I can more easily define the problem; which is a very small problem most of the time, but i need to define it correctly to be able to solve it effectively.

    Also, after the accurate definition of the problem, we learned how to come up with innovative solutions through brainstorming. It was difficult at first to brainstorm but after practicing ideas started to flow out. This was nice and increased my self-confidence as it proves my ability to produce solutions and solve problems

    Hind Abu Rmealeh

  • This training was a turning point for me in the way of solving problems and applying thinking approaches using the innovative design thinking methodology. It was very unique and untraditional.

    Mohammad AlKharouf

  • This training had a magically massive impact on me, especially the Lumina Spark tool. It revealed personal traits in me that i did not realize earlier. It highlighted strengths and weaknesses in detail, and helped me develop myself and my understanding for other people’s ways of thinking based on the unique personality everyone has. Also, I pretty much enjoyed learning about how to understand their body language and how to speed-read people based on their moves and reactions.

    Mohammad AlKharouf


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You can give a chance for a refugee or disadvantaged youth to join ACEIL training by sponsoring them, and paying them the price of a training course.