Personal Development Training


The first step in any personal development training programme is to identify your strength, personal areas of development and dig deep into your personality and competency using professional tools and psychometric tests.

This personal development training course supports you in identifying what drives and motivates you using well-developed and recognized tools and techniques such as lumina learning. You will be able to put your personal development plan which will facilitate achieving your own personalised objectives as well as emotional intelligence and leadership.

Lumina Psychometric testing is a well-known tool that produces a detailed portrait of your personality. Within each competency, participants may have strong areas and areas in need of development, which are presented using three personas: underlying persona, everyday persona, and overextended persona.

Who Should Attend




Project Managers


University Doctors


Creative Students






Sales Managers

Benefits of Attending

Self Awareness

Self-building through increased leadership, and Individuals gained self-awareness and emotional intellicence by Lumina Spark

Identification Of Strengths

Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalized reading of an individual’s strengths and developmental areas

Effective Communication

Effective communication and collaboration, and ability to work with a team and listen to others before giving any opinion.


Create an environment of trust within the team where members can communicate and share ideas without worrying about being judged

Improved Productivity

Improved working relationships and productivity alongside emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Ability to understand, use, and manage personal emotions in positive ways to relieve stress.

  • This training had a magically massive impact on me, especially the Lumina Spark tool. It revealed personal traits in me that i did not realize earlier. It highlighted strengths and weaknesses in detail, and helped me develop myself and my understanding for other people’s ways of thinking based on the unique personality everyone has. Also, I pretty much enjoyed learning about how to understand their body language and how to speed-read people based on their moves and reactions.

    Mohammad AlKharouf

  • Aceil training helped me both professionally and personally with my family members. Lumina spark tool made me realize there are differences in personalities, and that not everyone think the same. Keeping this in mind eased accepting other people and their points of views. The most important thing is that it helped me read my own personality and increased my self-awareness; which allowed me to highlight strength points and improve other areas.


  • Using Lumina spark tool as part of the personal development took the training to a whole different level. It was my first time doing this test. It was accurate, personalized, valuable, and opened my eyes to better understand my personality. I liked the way it described that we have 3 personas, and that we change as the surrounding atmospheres change. It makes sense

    Bushra Naser


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You can give a chance for a refugee or disadvantaged youth to join ACEIL training by sponsoring them, and paying them the price of a training course.