ACEIL Training Programs & Journey

Four Levels of Training

ACEIL provides training at four levels. The first foundation level is the Personal Development level. The second level is the Innovation level. Innovation level is presented in conjunction with design thinking methodology and Entrepreneurship level. Leadership level training concludes the four levels to prepare trainees to apply the learning from previous models and lead the way for their development and change in their environments. Our tools and techniques are integrated with theoretical knowledge from the world’s latest research in these fields.

The Training Journey At ACEIL

Level One

Personal Development

The training journey at ACEIL begins with the Personal Development level to enable trainees to identify their strengths and development points and have a deeper view of their personalities and competency using professional tools such as Lumina Psychometric testing. It also covers intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to guide us towards achieving life goals. This level concludes with a personal and professional development plan which clearly defines objectives and timely action points.

Level Two

Innovation & Design Thinking Methodology Training

Innovation level supports a change from the status quo mindset and helps trainees to jump outside the box by thinking about values delivered to customers, developing a deep understanding of Design thinking methodology as one of the world’s most powerful and impactful approaches to innovations, and believing in themselves to be creative no matter what everyone else says.

Level Three


Entrepreneurship level provides trainees to move their ideas from the ideation stage to prototyping and fruition, seeking funding and pitching techniques. They will also learn about market research, developing a business plan, and learning more about risk management.

Level Four


The fourth level is Leadership. This level aims to develop leadership skills by joining inherited heritage with modern thinking to empower leadership for tomorrow. Trainees will learn more about leadership, its origins, and modern thought. They will also learn tools and techniques of leading change and being capable of running their initiatives to include equal opportunity and sustainability as major values of everything they do.


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You can give a chance for a refugee or disadvantaged youth to join ACEIL training by sponsoring them, and paying them the price of a training course.